Phuket Activity Guide

Phromptep Cape Phuket


Promthep Cape at the southernmost point of Phuket island seems to be an absolutely irresistible spot for a good old-fashioned sunset photo. This landmark has always been the meeting point for a good hundred tourists, mostly Thai, to line up on the west facing coastline with cameras ready. Huge colorful buses download a horde of daily tourists hungry for a picture and the place starts buzzing with flash all directions. It’s actually funny to see how many people take sunset photos with a flash!


With its elevated location and few small islands nearby, Promthep Cape is certainly a nice place to see a sunset, but it is not really amazing. Watching the crowd is almost more entertaining: most people are texting of playing facebook games while waiting for the six o’clock moment.


Promthep Cape cape is Phuket’s symbol and you will recognize its tall sugar palms on car plates having a special number. In case you didn’t know, you can buy a special ‘lucky’ number and your plate will be decorated with the symbol of the province.


If you feel courageous, and clearly not many do, walk all the way down to the end of the cape. It is quite easy to go there, but without training, on the way back you might wonder why did you have to inflict this to yourself.
What is around to see Promthep cape? Not much, the Lighthouse, which is also a mini museum, doesn’t display much to look at and even from the top doesn’t offer any particular view. The shrine surrounded by hundreds of elephants statues and carvings in all sizes and colors is a lot nicer. You can’t miss it.


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Phuket Traditional Food

One thing that is not lacking for tourism in Phuket is Phuket Traditional food. You don’t miss the delicious local food which have the unique taste and a long time inherited cooking. Today, we will present a few delectable cuisines menus that will make you captivated.

[ok_sign_list]O Tao[/ok_sign_list]

O Tao is a native cuisine of Phuket which looks like Oyster omelet added taro root. It passed the special cooking with a mixture of small oysters, eggs and taro then seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and pepper. It served with chili sauce to solve greasy.

You can taste the dishes at O Tao Chi Pian Restaurant. Getting to this place by using with your own car or getting rental cars at Arun Phuket Car Rent go ahead to Phuket Town into Takuapa road. It located near Kusoldharm Phuket Foundation


[ok_circle_list]Mee Hoon with pork bone soup [/ok_circle_list]

Mee Hoon with pork bone soup is one of popular eating local food. It is fried noodle sprinkling with onion, scallion, served with pork bone soup.

It’s easy to taste this food at Phuket local food center by Keep driving to Phuket Town into Phuket road then turn right into Soi Saksit which next to Bang neaw school. Keep driving about 50 meters to go to Phuket road Phuket local food center that opposites the shrine.


[ok_circle_list]Mee Hokkien[/ok_circle_list]

Mee Hokkien is a popularity food for tourists because it’s very tasty. This is a yellow noodles, fried with shrimp, fish, shellfish, pork, shell, eggs, and vegetables. The famous restaurant for Mee Hokkien is Mee Ton Poe Restaurant which has opened this business for 60 years. You can go to this place by using with your own car or getting rental cars at Arun Phuket Car Rent go ahead to Phuket Town. It locates near the Clock Tower roundabout.


[ok_circle_list]Oh Eaw[/ok_circle_list]

Oh Eaw is a Phuket traditional summer favorite item for tourists. It made of banana jelly that on top with ice, beans and a sweet syrup to create the perfect dessert which combines the unique flavors. You can visit Phuket local food center for taste this dessert at Phuket Road.



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10 Things to Do in Phuket when driving Phuket car rent

Be it far from us to tell you what to do in Phuket but there are some gems that you really should not miss out on seeing while on your visit here, and we don't mean the kind sold at the jewellers… Phuket's great advantage is that there's always something to do on and off the island whether it's raining or shining. From the sublime to the seemingly profane, the range of activities and places to visit is remarkable for a destination of this size. Here are our Top Ten 'Must See' choices, built on popular vote. If you only get through half of these destinations you'll have had an unforgettable holiday. Go for it.
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Whitewater Rafting in Phuket and Phang Nga

Atop-rafting-trekking-tourlthough there are no large rivers on Phuket, nearby Phang Nga province is a good place to enjoy this eco-friendly adventure sport. Most rafting trips take place on the Khlong Song Phraek stream in the Ton Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary, not far from Phang Nga Town.

The stream is quite narrow with a few boulders. The rapids are rated Class 2 and Class 3 using to the International Grading System. A lot of fun if you don’t mind getting wet but pretty tame if you have been whitewater rafting on larger rivers.

The trip is quite short, only taking about half a day. Most rafting trips to the area will usually include other activities such as elephant trekking or hiking to one of the waterfalls in the wildlife sanctuary.

Whitewater rafting in Phang Nga is available year round, though the rainy season, from June to November, is by far the best time to go.

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Phuket Elephant Trekking

dsc05052Elephant trekking can be a memorable experience not to be missed during your stay in Phuket, especially for children. There are numerous elephant camps around Phuket that provide an opportunity to ride on an elephant along a trail through jungle and rubber plantations.

Most of these elephant safaris are relatively short, 30 mins to 1 hour, though you do get to take in a lot of the natural surroundings on your way. Therefore, most elephant treks will also involve a ride on bamboo rafts or buffalo cart as well. There is also usually an elephant show in which trained elephants perform various tasks.

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